We are continuously working on improving and optimizing the Para-Flex software. See what’s new in this update, download and get started.


Are you updating to the new version for the first time?

  • We strongly recommend that you contact us first! We are happy to help you install/update correctly and briefly discuss the new functionalities. Call us on0548-622 247 for an appointment. This only applies to our users in the Netherlands.
  • Note for ARDIS users: ARDIS is currently not supported. Expected to be available in the 2nd half of 2024.

Step-by-step when updating from Para-Flex 1.0

This is necessary to correctly transfer all existing data!

  1. Update to the latest version of Para-Flex 1.0 (here)
  2. Start IronCAD and Para-Flex
  3. Close IronCAD and Para-Flex
  4. Start download Para-Flex 2.0

PARA-FLEX V24.4.1.4



Discover the biggest changes when stepping up from the old Para-Flex 1.0 to Para-Flex 2.0 here. Tip: Use CTRL + click on buttons in Para-Flex to navigate to helppages.