We are continuously working on improving and optimizing the Para-Flex software. See what’s new in this update, download and get started.


Are you updating to the new version for the first time?

We strongly recommend that you contact us first! We are happy to help you install/update correctly and briefly discuss the new functionalities. Call us on 0548-622 247 for an appointment. This only applies to our users in the Netherlands

Step-by-step when updating from Para-Flex 1.0

This is necessary to correctly transfer all existing data!

  1. Update to the latest version of Para-Flex 1.0 (here)
  2. Start IronCAD and Para-Flex
  3. Close IronCAD and Para-Flex
  4. Start download Para-Flex 2.0

PARA-FLEX V24.4.0.1

The Para-Flex bèta version is now continuing as the first official realease version.


Discover the biggest changes when stepping up from the old Para-Flex 1.0 to Para-Flex 2.0 here. Tip: Use CTRL + click on buttons in Para-Flex to navigate to helppages.