Öppna Para-Flex-inställningar

maj 21, 2024




Opens the dialog for Para-Flex settings. Configurations can be saved and loaded for back-up functionality or duplicating settings to colleagues. Some changes require a restart of Para-Flex, this will be mentioned when clicking on Apply to save the new settings.

The settings are grouped by the different Sections in Para-Flex, for example Optimize and Custom Database. Different tabs below the main buttons show the corresponding groups.

Clicking on a setting triggers the information panel on the right side, which shows the purpose of each setting and its options.

Custom database connections

Para-Flex is able to connect with a wide variety of databases for materials, products and order information. By default Para-Flex gets its materials from a Microsoft Access database. The drivers and example data is pre-installed with the Para-Flex setup package. However, it’s also possible to connect to other custom databases, that can be configured in CustomDb tab of the settings form.

At the moment Para-Flex supports legacy ODBC and the more modern, OleDb connections. Para-Flex can be configured to use multiple mix of different database connection(type) for each data object.

DataObjects Version

Compatibility data structure

In order to be compatible with the data structure within Para-Flex , each DataObject needs to be configured with the following 3 items:

By default the ConnectionString should be an OleDb connection string. More info

If the ConnectionString is based on an ODBC connection, (e.g. FireBird or MySql), the connection string must start with odbc: followed by the connection string. For example, if the ODBC link is created by a System-DSN the ConnectionString should look like:


Each brand of database has it’s own specific column and table identifier character. To configure the identifier, enter the start- and ending-identifier character.


Database Identifier
SQL “ “ 2x double quote
Mirosoft SQL [ ] Open bracket, close bracket
MySql ` ` 2x single quote

Each data object should be compliant with pre-defined column names and data types for each view or table. The name of the views or tables can be customized and do not need to have a specific naming convention.

3A. Material

Material is part of the Material data object. Materials are all non-sheetmetal boards with a length, width and thickness. E.g. Wood, glass , plastics.

Column Name DataType Version
MaterialsCode System.String
MaterialsDescription System.String
MaterialsGrain System.String
MaterialsThickness System.Double
MaterialsPictureFileName System.String
3B. Boards

Boards is part of the Material data object. The BoardsMaterialCode has a unique key on the MaterialsCode of the Material view/table and contains all the board dimensions, stock quantity and cost for each material.


Column Name DataType Version
BoardsMaterialCode System.String
BoardsCode System.String
BoardsLength System.Double
BoardsWidth System.Double
BoardsStockQuantity System.Int32
BoardsCost System.Decimal
BoardsType System.Int32
3C. Edging

Edging is part of the Edgebanding data object. The edging table stores edgeband data for applying edges on wooden panels.


Column Name DataType Version
EdgeCode System.String
EdgeDescription System.String
EdgeThickness System.Double
EdgeCoreTrim System.Double
3D. Material (Sheetmetal)

The material for sheetmetal is part of the Sheetmetal Material DataObject. The Table view definition is the same as for material of non-sheetmetal.

3E. Material (Sheetmetal)

The boards for sheetmetal is part of the Sheetmetal Material DataObject. The table or view definition is the same as for boards of non-sheetmetal.

3F. OrderInfo

The Orderinfo is part of the OrderInfo data object. The Order info contains customer and order information:


Column Name DataType Version
Code System.String
Number System.Int32
ProjectName System.String
ProjectDescription System.String
StartDate System.DateTime
DeliveryDate System.DateTime
CustomerRecognition System.String
CustomerName System.String
Phone System.String
Email System.String
Address System.String
ZipCode System.String
City System.String
Type System.String
Remarks1 System.String
Remarks2 System.String
Remarks3 System.String
Barcode1 System.String
Barcode2 System.String
Barcode3 System.String


3G. OrderInfo

The Orderinfo is part of the OrderInfo data object. The Order info contains customer and order information:


Column Name