Markerar alla valda delar som ska köpas

mar 14, 2024




Parts set to Purchase will be included in the purchase list. Para-Flex is able to convert part information that is set in IronCAD to data on the purchase list. Within the properties of each part you can use the fields Username, Part Number and Description.


– Only applicable to parts.

– When the process of Purchase is applied to a part, processes of cutting and CNC will be removed from this part.

– Applying Cutting and CNC processes will switch off the Purchase setting of a part.

– Parts with ‘Include this shape in BOM’ switched off in their IronCAD properties, will still be included in the purchase list, despite of being removed from the part list in Para-Flex.


Det spelar ingen roll i vilken ordning du tilldelar plåtmaterialet eller kantbandet