Choose application of edgeband per side

Apr 19, 2024




This section of the interface makes it possible to choose on which side(s) of a panel edgeband should be applied. By checking the boxes next to the desired edges (L1, L2, W1 and W2), the selected edgeband is set to the corresponding edge. Different types of edgeband can be applied to different edges of a panel.

Before a material can be selected from the lists, first a material has to be selected in the corresponding material database. For bare edges, Para-Flex automatically suggests the last selected material from the database.


– Only applicable to parts with a material assigned to it.

– Materials used from catalogs provided by Dynfos standard have L1 set as reference edge.

– The labeling of edges is based on the parts’ origin, see the Guidelines for more information.

– Para-Flex handles a maximum of 4 sides per panel, control of more sides will be added in the future. If this is desired at this moment, please contact us.


It doesn’t matter in which order you assign the sheet material or edgebanding