Assigning materials to selected parts

Mar 19, 2024




The Material section on the Shop Floor ribbon bar is separated in two sections. Starting with a material list on the left side and on the right the buttons Material and Replace. A material can only be added to a part when a process like Cutting or CNC is assigned to it.

Material list

The material list shows all the materials assigned to parts in the current model. It can be opened by clicking on the material name or using the small arrow next to it. The second button on the list  opens the Material Editor, see information below. The last button removes the material from the material database belonging to the current model, no changes are made to the general used database.

The material selected from the material list will be applied to the part after switching on Cutting or CNC. Pro-users can switch on Automatically select new material in the Para-Flex Settings, that way a newly selected material is instantly applied to the selected part(s).

The search bar at the top of the opened material list can be used to filter the results, in order to find the material to be applied more easy.


Material Editor

The material editor is used to create or edit materials to be used in the current model or the  general database. All information belonging to the material can be added (or overwritten) in the corresponding fields.

A color and, if applicable, a texture can be assigned to the material to get a quick indication of the looks. Para-Flex Pro-users have the availability to see this color or texture appearing instantly on the part in the 3D model.

To create a new material simply edit the existing code in the top field and click OK. As wished other material properties can be changed and a board size had to be added.

To edit an existing material, keep the code name the same and only edit other properties (except for the thickness, see Conditions below).

The lowest part of this window is used to assign specific board sizes to the material.

Clicking OK saves the new or edited material to the local database, which is saved in the current file of the 3D model. When checking Save to Database, the material is stored in the used general database, so it can be used in other designs or by other colleagues.


– A material can only be added to a part when the process of Cutting or CNC is assigned to it.

– At least one board size has to be added to a new material before it can be saved.

– The thickness value of an existing material can’t be changed. If necessary edit the existing name and thickness to create a new material.


It doesn’t matter in which order you assign the sheet material or edgebanding