Automated work preparation

IronCAD add-in for optimal efficiency & flexibility at every design stage.

Realtime data and time saving design tools

The Para-Flex add-on for IronCAD was created by Dynfos Business Solutions. Our software engineers were aiming to automate the design process and increase productivity. All while keeping the flexibility of IronCAD as we know it. Resulting in a helpful add-on for the future-proof interior builder.

Generating data

Para-Flex’s 3D computing power does the work for you, making complex formulas and configurations a thing of the past. With the IronCAD drawing in the center, Para-Flex generates all data needed for a correct production process. Faster lead times while reducing costs and needed resources for optimal productivity.

Smart design tools

Custom interior demands precision. When changes in your design are made, Para-Flex takes care of all necessary adjustments in dimensions, cross-sections and details. Leave your worries to Para-Flex and design without limitations in a user-friendly interface.

Choose the solution that best suits your design needs

  • Cutting lists
  • Purchasing lists
  • Smart patterns
  • Reports
  • Board & sheet optimization
  • Links to 3rd party software
  • Smart panels
  • Drill
  • Report designer
  • Generate NC-code
    *Only on request

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