The new Para-Flex

The Para-Flex beta version will now be continued as the first official release version.

Curious about the biggest changes compared to the ‘old’ Para-Flex? You will find the overview below. Click on the links for certain topics to navigate to detail pages. On this website you will find a detailed explanation for almost every button and function.

Completely new interface

  • Faster, better and more functionality
  • Para-Flex START and PRO in one application
  • Customizable GUI
  • Intelligent grid display
  • Interactive filtering
  • DPI aware (4K resolution)
  • Multilingual
  • Two-way event handling
  • Future-proof interface

Simplified configuration options

  • Full database synchronization between material databases
  • Support for multiple data sources
  • Off-line database support
  • Universal Odbc and oleDb database support

Simplified configuration options

  • All settings in one form
  • Create your own datasets
  • Backup, import and export settings
  • Extended help functionality on each setting

New report generator

  • Create your own reports, dashboards and charts
  • Multiple layout support
  • Export to PDF, Excel, CSV and more
  • New project and document properties

General improvements

  • New smart panel options
  • New smart pattern commands
  • New optimization functionality
  • New smart pattern command
  • Improved CAM export
  • Improved drilling speed
  • Improved overlength functionality
  • Improved optimization
  • Edge band calculation
  • Customizable quick settings